High Speed Star Round Labeling Machine- S223
    Publish time 2021-02-23 16:18    

Adapted to:

Labeling on cylindrical products in daily chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Synchronization function:
According to the characteristics of the customer's products, the positioning mechanism can be selected - star wheel positioning or cylinder positioning.
Three-roller positioning round bottle labeling, to ensure labeling accuracy.
Provide a number of detection functions to prevent label leakage, mis-sticking, re-sticking, pasting and coding or printing problems.

Technical Parameters:
Material size Diameter
Ф28-100mm (When the dial is selected for positioning, different diameter ranges need to be changed)
Labeling speed
20-120 bottles / minute (related to material and label size)
Stoppage accuracy
Labeling machine accuracy 
Ambient temperature
Ambient humidity
15-90% (no condensation)
Conveyor belt width