RIGAO RGTSJ3 Tube Elevator——Fit for your tuber filler
    Publish time 2020-12-11 09:44    


·RGTSJ3 is controlled by PLC with compact and reasonable design. Through speed regulation device and photoelectrical sensor, this tube elevator work with tube filling and sealing machine automatically.
·Tubes are out of pollution during lifting. All the contact parts with tubes are stainless Steel 304 and polished.
·This equipment support various tubes:metal/plastic and laminated tubes, which is one of the most advanced tube elevating devices from China.
·It is easy to adjust the machine when switch different tube sizes.
·The lifting working state is stable. Speed can reach 100 tubes/minute continuously without stop, in the same time, the running noise is extremely low.

Photo 3 Tube Elevator Connected with Tube Filler

Technical Specifications:
Tube Type
Metal/plastic/laminated Tubes
Speed adjustment
Stepless speed regulation
Power supply
220V, 50Hz
Working Capacity
100 tubes/minute
Tube diameter
Tube length
Machine Dimension
1,050 x 450 x 1,720mm
Machine Weight