RIGAO FTST Tube Leakage Test Machine
    Publish time 2020-12-04 13:33    

The tightness of the sealing of the tube products, that is, the tightness, belongs to the key quality requirements of the product. FTST is used for the sealing test of the tube products after filling and sealing, to verify and obtain the specific value of the pressure resistance after the sealing of the tube or the limit damage value and the non-leakage value under the set test parameters can be used to determine the sealing quality of the product.

The equipment has good operability based on the following 3 points:
The start-stop switch is integrated on the protective door, and the testing process is completed by pneumatic logic components;
The equipment does not require power access, environmental protection and energy saving. Also suitable for explosion-proof occasions;
The adjustment and display components are on the panel, and the positioning block of the pressure platform has a manual knob, which is convenient for parameter adjustment and parameter setting when changing the model.

Technical Parameters:
Testing time
0-30s (Adjustable)
Pressure range
Accuracy grade
Class 2.5
Display accuracy
0.02Mpa (0.2 bar)
Tube diameter
Max. 60mm (Can be tailor-made)
Tube length
Max. 205mm (Can be tailor-made)
Control system
Fully air-operated