22nd CIIF Visit plan
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The 22nd CIIF – China Int’l Industry Fair was held in Shanghai 15-19/Sept/2020.  

CIIF is jointly organized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, etc.  CIIF is a leading event on equipment manufacturing in China, is staged in autumn annually in Shanghai.

Mr. WU lead the Rigao delegation visited the 22nd CIIF on 16th-17th/September.

It is an opportunity to detect the new technology in industrial automation, to communicate with the business friend old and new, to feel and investigate the development of the industry in China.

OMRON booth - Ready for FutureOMRON i-Automation, the intelligent manufacturing can be seen

Automatic assembly in pilz booth

FESTO booth is always crowded

FESTO live piano playing with all pneumatic components

   There are many things to watch in this CIIF. Major automation manufacturers and leading electrical machinery manufacturers have shown their own housekeeping skills and provided many new technologies and new elements for the development of automation, which will help China’s automation industry move towards the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. The development of the goal of the company exerts its own strength.

   Fortunately, we have seen many domestic manufacturers have made considerable progress, and the gap between their products and the international advanced level is narrowing.